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White Hair Hairline Cover







Temporary Hair Dye Cream Black Brown Long-Lasting Fast Mild One-off Hair Color Pen White Hair Hairline Cover DIY Styling Makeup

  • Net weight: 4g
  • Gross Weight: 35g
  • Color: 01 Dark Brown, Black 02
  • Suitable For The Public:Mainly for sporadic white customer hair, or allergic to the crowd of dye



  • 1 x Hair Color Pen


  • Quickly cover white hair, easy to apply, can cover hair color do not like
  • Plant soft ingredients, do no harm, easy to clean, leaves no residue
  • The steps are simple and fast, time saving
  • Do not go to the hairdresser shop can also DIY your own hair
  • Non-permanent products. Washing the hair with shampoo can be washed easily
  • Lipstick-shaped design, easy to carry and use


  • 1. Spin off a small piece of cream, apply it gently on the hair, pay attention to avoid the part of the scalp
  • 2. Wait a moment, or use the hair dryer to dry avoid touching it immediately by hand
  • 3. Let the hair after absorption, with a comb for straight hair


  • Shampoo and rinse hair before bed so as not to touch the
  • When used gently, so as not to force too much, lyferafracture paste
  • In order to prevent cramming, can not apply too much at once, gently and repeatedly